Security and Microservices


1 - Setup the work environment
2 - Setup Istio
3 - Istio Ingress gateway via HTTPS/TLS
4 - Setup Keycloak
5 - Deploy the microservices to K8s
6 - Strict mTLS
7 - Istio Authorization
8 - Authentication in the Vue.js fronted
9 - Authorization in Quarkus app
Setup locally

5 - Deploy the microservices to Kubernetes

In this exercise we will run the application in your Kubernetes cluster using precompiled container images for our sample application: articles-secure, web-api-secure, and web-app. These container images have been uploaded to Docker Hub.

When running locally, you will set the Keycloak URL as OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider in When running on a Kubernetes cluster we cannot set the OIDC provider (keycloak) in without recompiling the code, building a new image, and loading this image in a Image repository that is accessible to your Kubernetes cluster. So for this example, we specify the Quarkus OIDC property as environment variable during deployment. The environment variable is read from a config map.

STEP 1: Apply configmap

This is our configmap definition:

kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  name: security-url-config
  QUARKUS_OIDC_AUTH_SERVER_URL: "http://keycloak:8080/auth/realms/quarkus"

Our Keycloak service runs in the same namespace as the rest of the application, so all we need is the name of the service (keycloak) and the port numer (8080).

kubectl apply -f configmap.yaml

STEP 2: Now deploy the 3 services:

Example output:

  NAME                        READY   STATUS                       RESTARTS   AGE
  articles-5df77c46b4-v7xcd   2/2     Running                0          3h35m
  keycloak-77cffb978-vjttk    2/2     Running                      0          44h
  web-api-5c9698b875-kz82k    2/2     Running                 0          3h35m
  web-app-659c4676d9-pw6f8    2/2     Running                      0          3h34m

STEP 3: Open the Cloud Native Starter application in your browser

If it fails (“Articles could not be read”) refresh your browser. (Reason for failure: The articles service creates the list of articles when it is called the first time, this tends to lead to a timeout.)

Continue with 6 - Secure microservices with strict mTLS